Thursday, October 19, 2006

10 days and counting...

That's right - we are exactly 10 days from our actual due date. I cannot believe it is SO close!

Last night we were talking about how it seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant...and that was February! I really think I will miss being pregnant, but I cannot WAIT until she is actually here. I'm so curious about what she will look like, what her personality will be like, how God will use this little lady...I just feel so priviledged to get to watch!

Today was our 39 week visit. The doctor says I'm not showing signs of being ready to deliver anytime soon. I thought it didn't sound too promising when the doctor pulled out the calendar and said "I'll see you for next week's appointment and we'll talk about setting up a date to induce." Please join us in praying that the baby will come on her own. I really don't want to induce if we can help it.

The good news is that the baby's head has come down a little bit, which is exciting because she's not breech. We'll know more at next week's visit, but it sure looks like she'll be later than we expected.

Hurry up little girl! We can't wait to meet you.