Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Showering with family??

No, we're not from Arkansas. We were just fortunate enough to have Scott's family throw us a shower in Houston. Sarah, Aunt Linda, Mary Kay and Laura really threw a humdinger (OK, so maybe we ARE from Arkansas).

There was a fun game called "Guess what's in the diaper" where mystery chocolate was hidden inside diapers and everyone had to guess what kind it was. See? Eating chocolate does pay off. Norma ended up with the prize.

The decorations were amazing and there was more food than we could eat. From pink and brown jelly beans to Aunt Linda's creme puffs, we ate until we were stuffed. We even drank punch from a potty (see the picture).

Everyone was so generous and the baby got so many wonderful things. Sarah even planned for an extra surprise by asking everyone to bring a book with a message for the baby. This little girl has got quite a library going in the nursery now!

Thanks to everyone that came...we could never thank everyone enough. Scott and I both had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and we feel so blessed.

Hostesses - Sarah, Laura and Linda

Aunt Sarah and Grandma Karo

Aunt Sarah, Cousin Laura and Aunt Gina

Gramma Rowe and "Mommy"

Grown men with pink pacifiers - enough said

Potty punch