Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seven down, two to go...

I can't believe it's been seven months already. It's going really fast and I have so much left to do. I have SO enjoyed being pregnant and I'm just going to try and soak up the last two months. Everyday she does something different. Pretty sure we have a gymnast growing in there.

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and the baby is measuring about a week smaller than her due date. The doctor said it's completely normal to measure within two weeks of the due date though, so with any luck she won't get too big. :o)

We're more than halfway through our childbirth classes. They've been great but we feel like the most immature couple in there. We laugh a lot. But seriously, does anyone else find it strange to have the husband pretend that he's having a contraction? Scott's beside himself - and the videos don't help either. I had done a good job of protecting him from that part but...well, he's aware now.

Here is a visual update of my baby belly. Hope to see some of you soon!