Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Game Time"

So this has nothing to do with the baby; I just wanted to brag on my husband a bit. August 10th was our four year anniversary and we celebrated with a "game day". We didn't plan to get each other the same type of gift, but hey...great minds think alike.

I knew Scott had been eyeing a game for his Playstation and I realized that the house would soon be overrun with girly stuff, so I thought he deserved a manly football game. I'm pretty sure he'll be learning how to play one-handed so he can hold the baby and still play the silly game.

Now here's where he really showed me up. Scott is really thoughtful and super creative so my gift was a personalized Anniversary Game. It had events and happenings from our first four years of marriage...some good things that allowed me to move up one space (i.e. getting our first dog Tatum) and some bad things that forced me to lose a turn or pay him money (i.e. the first house flooding). He included pictures and drawings to commemorate the memories from our time together. You can look at the pictures here but I promise, you can't imagine how great it was. He even let us keep playing until I finally won a game. :o) I love my husband!

God has really blessed us over the last four years and I can't wait for the next forty years.