Monday, April 16, 2012

Cashing in on a Daddy Date!

For Christmas, the girls and I made "Daddy Date Coupons" for them to give to Scott.  They had so much fun coming up with ideas for their for each month.  Cute ideas and things I wouldn't have ever thought of without them.  Those two sure know and love their daddy!

Well, Hayden just got to cash in one of her dates...Chick-Fil-A Date with Daddy!!  As always, she was MORE than excited and they both gushed about their time together ;).  Scott has been writing little notes about what they do on their dates....what sweet memories they'll share!!

And here are some details I got out of the little lady....

M:  So what did you and daddy talk about on your date!?
H:  Well, we just ate our food.  But some people talked to us and daddy told them that Emmy and Bubba were at home with Momma.
M: And what did y'all eat?
H:  We ate nuggets and daddy got tea and I got chocolate milk.  And we got our OWN fries!  Did I already tell you that?
M:  Wow.  Your own fries, huh?  That sounds special.
H:  Yeah, and then we went to the store to look at trees.  And I got a game at Chick-Fil-A.  See?
M:  Well I'm so glad you had fun!
H:  Yeah.  Did I already tell you we got our OWN fries!?  (Clearly, this meant a lot to our little lady).