Thursday, March 29, 2012


It was a BIG day at Em's preschool on Friday....RODEO Day!!  They've been preparing and anticipating for weeks, so we were pretty excited to get there!  Best part?  Mommy got to have a little 1on1 time with her first born ;).  It's so fun for me to see her in that environment, with all the little buddies she comes home talking about and watching her in action.  I got to be one of the parents for her rotation group and we had the best time with Zeke, Ashely, Em & Zeke's mommy, Dawn!

First up was the Cowboy Relay....up and back, put on a big hat, boots & vest, RUN!! 

Picture frames for their horse photos.  Which brings us to the one bummer of the day...since it was raining cats & dogs, the horse that was supposed to come (and get photoed) had to be cancelled.  But we have been reassured that he WILL return ;).  And I think they had enough fun with the frames all by themselves!

Planting Bluebonnets!

A little gun slinging ;).  This was seriously the neatest toy and they loved "shooting" the items off the fence!

Stick horse & Three-legged Races.  We laughed SO. HARD.  Precious!

And last but certainly not least, some hula hoop roping!  They loved this one.

After all the activities, we got to help out with lunch and then watch the class do an ADORABLE square dance!  I about died watching her first dance with a boy.  (A boy that we love, by the way.  He and his family are friends of ours from church & he is a hoot!)

YEEEE-HAWWWWW, my little Cowgirl!