Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mommy's Sous Chef

Our sweet Hayden is just about the most domestic little girl you've ever met!  She LOVES cooking, cleaning & taking care of babies.  It's precious!  Her daddy likes to joke that he can't imagine where she's even seen those things!  Har-dee-har ;).  But she really has become my own personal little sous chef!  She always wants to help with dinner & I love having my sidekick right there!

Today Em had preschool & we skipped out on Tiny Tots (because of all that rain!) which gave us the perfect opportunity to get our "bake" on!!  When I asked what she wanted to make, she quickly chose cupcakes.  She immediately started planning how excited her big sister and daddy would be when they saw our surprise!  So thoughtful ;).  So we got down to business!

 Pouring so carefully!

 First time using the hand mixer and she did great!!

 Bubba even got to be one of the beater-lickers!

 Ready for the oven!

Blue + Pink = Purple frosting!

She let her sissy help with the frosting & sprinkles. 


Sneaking a lick.  Hey, if you're the cook, you can do whatever you like!