Monday, March 12, 2012

A day in the life.

A day in the life of TheRoweCrew....March 2012!

Oh yay time's 8:30 and they're all just waking up!!  Not a bad way to start our Spring Break.

It's so sweet to listen to the girlies chatting it up over the monitor each morning.  They simply love their mornings together and can usually be found cuddled up together in one of their beds.  Or hiding in the closet...they do that to mess with me sometimes.  Silly things.  This morning it's Hayden's bed.

Now mr. man is a quiet little thing in the mornings.  We actually have no idea what time he typically wakes because he just sits there and looks at books or who knows?  But he's always awake when we head in...and ready to go...once we can tear him away from that lovey & passie!

Breakfast Time!
Daddy headed out early today for a round of golf, so we're doing breakfast on our own.  Usually they follow him around for a while as he gets ready for work and then block the door when it's time for him to leave.  Cute and sad at the same time.  This morning, we're having french toast sticks and some corn flakes...their choice and it sounds good to me.  Of course, L's already been into the pantry and is begging me for crackers.  He's for SURE a bottomless pit!

Ahh, and now that we're settled, mommy's breakfast & some Kari Jobe over the speakers...we're defintely music lovers around here & it's our favorite way to start the morning.  While we're eating, we decide that a trip to the library will be a must for this day!

After breakfast, the girlies take turns coloring this awesome DIY b-day party invitation from Avery & Ethan...what a fun idea!  And now for a little book-time.  I've gotta unload the dishwasher and this keeps 'em busy for a while.

Hayden's usually done with booktime the quickest, so today she decides to help her sister out with her morning chore....vacuuming up all the crumbs we just made!!  Good job, sissy!!

And another sweet big sister trying to help her brother out.

10:00ish.  Time to check the charts!! 
(moving a little slow this morning, but ok by us...we're on Spring Break!)

Eat Breakfast - check!
Make beds - check!
Get dressed - check!
Brush teeth.....


Finally headed to the library and when we arrive, we realize that they are hosting a fun little pre-k craft time!  Awesome surprise!  After making some fun little fish tanks & checking out some new books, we get a call from dad that he'll be home for lunch....what a treat!!  We head home quickly to meet him.

Yay!  Lunch with daddy!!

Ah, the door blocking I mentioned.  Breaks your heart, doesn't it!?

To cheer them up a bit, we decide to play outside on this BEAUTIFUL day until naptime.  Bubba keeps yelling, "ow-sii", "ow-sii!".  So much fun!  Basketball, bikes, running and pool toys?  Whatever.  I even got to check some FB & Pinterest ;).


 2:00ish.  Naptime!
L and HK make no dispute...they are ready for naps!!  Em and I get a moment to read one of our chapter books.  Right now, we're doing Charolette's Web.  We both love it!  She still spends a couple hours "resting" each day.  And though we've assured her that she really only needs to rest/read/play quietly, she almost always still naps too!  She may be one of the only 5-year-olds I know that still naps most days!!

Not gonna lie, I didn't accomplish much during naptime today, but I DID get to catch up with a friend on the phone & watched a little Nate.  And put in some laundry....still so much more to do!!

4:00ish.  Em's up for a little "Preschool" time. 
We usually either work on some reading, do a math game or she'll play a game on the iPad.  Lately, she simply enjoys coloring & writing little notes for all of us.  Sweet thing.  Today she is coloring a Lion King picture for Avery's birthday....shh, don't tell ;).

4:30ish.  Hayden is up but the little guy is still sacked out, so the girls watch a quick show.  We love the "Smile of a Child" network & have several shows recorded.  Glued a bit, now aren't we!?

Scott calls to ask us to pick up some stuff to grill's the perfect night for sure!  So we finally had to wake Lincoln up at 5:00!  Who knows how long he would have slept?  We had a busy weekend so there's no telling.  Poor kid!!  Check out that bed head!!!

Grocery store was a success!  We have the "kroger-ing" stickers to prove it.

By the time we got home, it was time to get to grilling!  Of course, the kiddos & Scott need a little time to play first.  They make me smile.

Yummy dinner on the patio!!  Grilled lemon chicken & corn on the cob, sweet potato fries and these yummy "Smores Cones" for dessert....thank you, Pinterest!

And bathtime!!  L's absolute favorite part of the day...dude loves his bath!  We just threw them all in together because it was getting late, scrubbed them down and put on our cutie jammies from Karo & KBob!

What a sweet, simple day.  So thankful I get to spend it with these precious people!!