Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing in the Panhandle

Well our trip to Meme & Granddaddy's got delayed a few weeks because all THREE of our kiddos got fun!! So we were VERY excited about finally making this little roadtrip. We did end up missing some of the fam that were out of town, but it was still a very fun trip! As usual, Meme and Granddaddy totally outdid themselves as hosts and we even got to see our Uncle Ross who drove down from Denver to meet us there! 

It just tickles me so to see my precious little guy with my grandparents!!  They love him, of course ;).  And HE loved all the cuddles!

Sweet Uncle Ross.  Already teaching him how to use the Smart Phone ;).

And we loved getting to spend some time with mommy's cousin, Travis! We missed the rest of his Street fam, but they were away in Haiti on a Mission Trip. Great things going on through them!!

And the girls were in heaven!!  Tea parties, manicures, beautyshop, lots of playtime & even some Candyland!!  Meme & Gigi & Uncle Ross are all so good at spending quality time with the kiddos.  I'm so thankful for them!

But we weren't ready to leave the Panhandle yet!!  We had a TON of fun with Jamie, Dane, Dillon & Drew!  We love having "farm" cousins.  The kids LOVED playing in their big open spaces and daddy might have enjoyed it even more!!  He likes to pretend, you know ;).  Last year, it was the big rig...this year it was roping.  Oh dear!

Coaching from Dane.  He's loving this!!

 The girls had SO much fun with Drew & Dillon!!  Football, swinging, roping, even cuddles for our bubba!  What a precious day!!

We hate that we don't get up there more than we do, but we had such a fun trip!!  Thanks everybody & we hope to see y'all again really soon!!