Friday, February 04, 2011

A Rowe Puppet Theater Production

We are simply loving our new puppet theater!!  It was so funny at first because it took me a moment to realize they had NO idea about what to do.  But after watching a few YouTube puppet shows and acting out lots of scenes from Toy Story, they were all set.  They'd gotten some fun new puppets for Christmas, plus DeeDah and PawPaw gave them some great animal masks that work well too.  Of course, they also discovered sock puppets during our "research" and we just had to make some of those as well!  Hayden was hesitant to try any of them on at first (my ever-wary one) so she took the "director" position and Emerson ran the show (shocking!).  But maybe their favorite part is choosing what time it will be for the next show ;).  Silly girls.

And what a precious audience, don't you think!?

**This post made possible by Gigi & Gebo's puppet theater donation, Karo & Kbobs bucket-o-craft-supplies and DeeDah & PawPaw's animal mask gift.  Boy, do our grandparents get us or what!?