Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweets & Treats Party

Hope you didn't think our Valentine fun was over, because there's just a bit more!!  Last Saturday, we were able to attend Rachel & Avery's 3rd Annual Valentine's Party!!  It was precious, as usual, and was really fun because all the daddies got to come this time!!  The girlies got right to work on their cards and yummy Valentines trail mix.  Avery, Rachel and their mommies always do a fabulous job coming up with activities that we LOVE!!

Here are the lovely hostesses!  Thanks gals, we had so much fun!!

And here are a few of the other fun party guests...such a fun excuse to get to spend the morning with our friends!!  We love them for sure ;).

And we couldn't leave before decorating some cookies!  We even made one for brother...too bad he can't eat yet ;).  The girls just felt so bad that he slept through all the fun.  Ha!