Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More "Love Day"

Well this year wasn't a "traditional" Valentine's Day at our house.  First, we decided to celebrate a little early when daddy gave his girlies our beautiful flowers on Sunday.  He got us all our favorite colored tulips (mommy's fave!) and the girls were really SO proud of them!!  They keep going over to the table to peek at them and remind me to add water.  I love to watch them get loved on by their daddy!  Oh, and our annual V-day Newspapers are in the works....we all kind of forgot this year, but daddy has assured us that they'll be off the printing presses soon ;).

When we woke up on Valentine's morning, our sweet Hayden Kate had a fever.  Poor thing.  She was okay, but definitely wanted a few more cuddles throughout the day ;).  Perfect day for cuddles, don't you think!?  We kept it low-key at home, but they really wanted to still cook a special dinner for daddy like we had planned.  SO glad we did.  It was super yummy and we had fun preparing it for our "Balentime".  We made heart-shaped meatloaf, roasted potatoes and asparagus, plus cupcakes, of course ;).  But the best part...daddy convinced us to dine on the patio with him!  It was positively wonderful!!  And dinner was followed by an exciting game of "Hop on Pop" with daddy and his girls ;).

And I especially treasured the time I spent with my "little Valentine" during this day!!  I can't explain how sweet it is to share this day (and every day) with my baby boy!  I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to be a "boy mom".  He melts my heart.  Even if he DID poo all over me for his v-day present ;).  Ha!