Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tyranno - {Scared} - Us Rex

Yesterday was SUCH a beautiful day that we knew we couldn't stay inside.  AND...we'd really been wanting to see the Heard Museum Dinosaur Exhibit before it leaves in February, so this was the perfect day!  I knew that those big 'ole guys were probably going to be scary for Hayden, so we talked about them all morning, made some dinosaur crafts and decided to be "brave" when we saw them.  Ha!  Poor little gal...she was NOT a fan.  But what really surprised me was that Emerson was a bit freaked out herself!  I mean, they do look very real, move about and make loud noises, so I can totally understand.  Em warmed up to them a bit by the end of the trail, but HK never did...she literally clung to me the whole time ;).  But she did perk up when we headed over for a picnic lunch.  And the little guy...he was perfectly content in his ride and really seemd to enjoy getting a little fresh air.  Ahhh...why can't it always be 70 degrees in January!?!