Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lincoln's first bottle!

Courtesy of his big sisters ;).

Today was the big day!!  The girls have been REALLY eager to feed Lincoln, but I was waiting to make sure he wouldn't give up on mama too quick ;).  So when I pumped and gave them a bottle today, they jumped & laughed and got really excited.  And they both did a GREAT job!  Hayden gave him the first ounce and was so careful and proud to be helping baby brother ;).  When she was finished, Emereson gave him the rest.  She was SO sweet with him and would just ask me to help when he needed a burp.  I had the best time watching them ;).  And the little guy?  Lincoln LOVED the bottle!!!  He sucked it right down and was a little sad when it was gone.  Ha!  I'd say that "operation bottle" was quite a success.