Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rowe Christmas

Next we were off to the Rowes for a little after-Christmas celebration! We were so excited to get there because we had a brand new thing to show off…Brother! Lincoln hadn’t met his Aunt Sarah or Uncle Brad yet, so it was fun to get to introduce them. But there was obviously something missing L. Uncle Greg, Aunt Gina and Ava weren’t able to come this year. But it’s for a really good reason…we are getting a new cousin very soon and they weren’t able to travel. It’s okay though, we’re going to go see them just as soon as little baby Austin arrives!

I‘m afraid the girls are going to expect to get a few presents each day for the rest of their lives after all the unwrapping they‘ve been doing lately ;). And we were all over-blessed again! We had a great time playing with our new toys and all our favorite people. (That includes Willow, the dog. Ha!). Next we were off to the quilt store where Karo has started working. …she wanted to show of the grandkids ;). And I’d say they were a hit! The girls had so much fun running around and looking for the fabric from their quilts and brother just made the ladies swoon.

Karo made each of the girls a precious quilt that I know they'll treasure forever ;).

We were so thankful to be able to spend several days just hanging out together and loving on our sweet family. We know how fortunate we are to have people who love us so and we love them too!