Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ms. Pattycake Concert

Emmy just had her very first Joyland Choir concert at church and they were fortunate enough to get to share the stage with the one-and-only “Ms. Pattycake”! No one at our house had heard of her before, so I don’t think we even realized how awesome this was. But every Wednesday night after choir, Em came home singing her songs and was SO excited to meet her. And WE couldn’t wait to see our big girl on the stage!

Waiting for the concert to begin with her buddies, Kennedy and Karis.

The concert didn’t disappoint. The kiddos were precious and adored Ms. Pattycake. They sang songs about Jesus’ birth and did all the precious things little kids do on a stage. We got quite a kick out of watching our little lady. Apparently, some other little girl came and stood in front of her and her friends and they couldn’t see. So there was a bit of discussion and some riser-hopping for a while. I’m happy to report that they got back to the front and were able to see Ms. Pattycake with ease. Ha!

And what about her adoring fans? We were those annoying parents that had the video camera and camera clicking away as she sang. Although, we did realize early on that we had pick the wrong seats. Next time, we’ll sit where we can see her face…you live and learn. Hayden made her way through her snacks very quickly, but got right in on the action and started clapping away. And sweet baby boy just slept the whole way through. Angel baby!
But the very best part of all (if you ask Emerson) was getting to meet Ms. Pattycake after the show was over. She waited in line (sort of) patiently and literally lept into Ms. Pattycake’s lap when it was her turn. Sweet thing. I’d say our first concert was a huge success!!