Monday, November 22, 2010

First well visit

Today was brother’s first well visit. Not gonna lie, it was pretty crazy hauling this whole family of five into the pedi. office…which may explain why the only picture we got was of sweet boy in his carseat.

It was actually a fairly eventful trip. Lincoln hadn’t gained as much weight as they’d like him too and when I mentioned that HK had trouble nursing because of her tongue tie, the doc checked him out. Sure enough, little guy had a tonuge tie too! I had already decided that if he did, we would definitely have it clipped because I always wished I’d pushed for it with Hayden. So, we did it. And it wasn’t a big deal at all. AND, he’s nursing better already. Praise God!! That is one of the main things I prayed for his entire pregnancy and I’m so thankful God is answering that prayer!!  We do have to go back in for a weight check next Friday, but I'm confindent it will be great!

Height - 19.5 in. (36%)
Weight - 6 lb. 8 oz (13%)
Head - 13.75 in. (28%)