Friday, October 15, 2010

Hayden's new 'do!

Hayden was sporting some major mullet, so we knew it was time for her first haircut. But her daddy loves long hair so he made me promise we’d just do a trim ;). Of course, we just HAD to go to Sweet ‘N Sassy for a new ‘do. And she did such a GREAT job! She sat so still and even liked watching in the mirror. Of course, we had done some bribing beforehand and the minute she was done, she was asking for her sucker. No problem, little lady…you earned it!!

And we figured that while we were there, big sissy could use a trim herself. She did great as well, but probably didn’t even notice anyone was cutting her hair because she was too busy watching the Cinderella movie they had playing ;).

Footnote: I do think the stylists were practicing some new styling ideas that day because the two we came away with were just a little to “special” for my taste. But the girls looked precious anyway.