Monday, August 09, 2010

They’re letting you do what!?!

I know, it’s going to sound crazy and we know it. Our amazing, self-less, generous, precious friends, the Formans, are letting us live with them for the 2 ½ months until our new house is built. Aren’t they crazy!? We thought so too when they first offered, but finally gave in when it seemed that’s where God was leading us all.

We cannot wait to get to spend more time with them and already have a list of “must dos” while we’re here. And if you think we’re excited, just ask the girls…they think it will be SO fun to have a new “brother” around all the time!! Thanks, Formans, we’re SO SO thankful for you!!

Here’s our first night, daddy reading us a book in “Hayden’s room”

And our first morning…watching a little TV while the mommies get organized.

P.S. Mommy just realized she’s only going to have to cook 1-2 times a week…things are looking great already!!