Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun with Cars!

We've been busy playing with our Cars around here lately! In case you didn't know this about my precious first born...she's got a real thing for Lightning McQueen. And Sally and Mater and Red...really all of the Cars guys, for that matter. In fact, she's currently saving up her allowance for a new "Doc" aka Hudson Hornet. And her love of cars may just be rubbing off on her little sister ;). So the Rowe girls...not so much for princesses, but we get excited for wheels ;).
Anywhooo, we've done a bit of race car painting...

Of course, then they needed to go through the car wash. When Hayden joined in and she added her Nemo and Dorie too ;).

We've done a little "vroom-vrooming".

And finally, we introduced them to our own little town. Complete with daddy's office, Target, our church, Kroger and Chik-Fil-A. (On a sidenote, my children clearly pointed out our priorities as they named off our favorite places to go...yikes!). We've had so much fun traveling around our little town and have added friend's houses, the library and colored all over that thing. So much fun with Cars!!!