Thursday, February 11, 2010's not for everybody!

We just couldn't believe our eyes this morning as we woke up to the most beautiful snow falling all around us. And it didn't take Emerson long to want to get right out there!! But as you can see...somebody was NOT a fan!!! She just screamed and cried. It was so sad, but so funny! Obviously I didn't make her stay out there too long...I completely share her sentiment about cold weather ;).

Of course, she didn't even want to have anything to do with it once we got inside. Poor thing. Didn't want any snow ice cream or hot chocolate either. Pitiful! Emmy scarfed hers right down. And we were finally able to cheer Miss Hayden up with a a little peek-a-boo.

And as soon as she went down for her nap, Emerson and I headed out to make a SnowGirl. She did SUCH a great job and really helped out a lot. I found the scarf, hat and mittens and then she picked a banana for the mouth, oranges for the eyes and a flavor-ice popsicle for the nose. So cute! She was super cute with her SnowGirl too...she decided to name her "Snowy" and told her that she should take a nap too since Em had to go take one. She can't wait to show daddy when he gets home!!

So...pretty successful snow day, I'd say. Just don't ask Hayden ;).