Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pancakes, Semi's and a trip to the Doctor!

Now do we have your attention!?!

We all had such a WONDERFUL (and a little wild) visit to the Panhandle! It had been way too long since we'd seen Meme & Granddaddy and all our other Kress-family so daddy took a day off and we made the trek up there for the weekend. Thank goodness for our good little travelers! They did great and Scott and I had the best time reminiscing about all our drives up and back from Waco to Dumas over the years ;).

We got there just in time for naps, but Em was too excited and just wanted to play with Dillon so that's what we did. It was a beautiful afternoon so we spent time riding bikes and digging in the dirt with Meme, Jamie, Dillon and Drew. Can't beat that!

Meme and Granddaddy treated us to a yummy fried catfish dinner and we got to see even more family that night. Kim, JuLea, Brent and Travis came out and we had a great time catching up. Loved hearing all the details about JuLea and Brent's upcoming wedding...can't wait!!

On Saturday morning, we realized Em's nasty cough had turned into a fever as well. Scott already had big plans with Dane (Jamie's husband) so I took her into Plainview to a clinic there. We had the sweetest little doctor (she seemed so young!) that decided it was just a virus and sent us home with some cough medicine. Of course, I was SO worried about getting everyone sick, so we spent the rest of the time using a lot of hand sanitizer and trying not to cough all over them. Everyone was so sweet to her...Meme made her a perfect "sick bed" so she could still be around everyone while she rested and she didn't miss out on too much.

Now Hayden Kate, she had a BALL with her boy cousins!! She and Drew were all over the place and had fun keeping up with the big kids. And it was so precious to watch her with Dillon...she adored him and would just giggle at everything he did ;). And I especially loved getting to watch her get to know Meme and Granddaddy...I'm so thankful for their time together!

Of course, I had such a sweet time just chatting and cooking and hanging out with Meme, Granddaddy and Jamie. I miss them like crazy. But it was Scott who may have had the best time of all!! For one, Meme made him her famous pancakes both mornings, he had a great time visiting with Granddaddy about all kinds of stuff and Dane took him on quite the adventure on Saturday...golfing, checking out Dane's farm and getting to drive his semi. That's right, my hubby drove a semi. I'm still just thankful he didn't hurt anybody, but you can imagine how much fun he had ;).

Our time was definitely NOT long enough and we hated to leave, but we're excited about coming back in June for the wedding. We love you guys!! Thanks for our wonderful visit!