Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My two little Valentines

(To the tune of 5 Little Monkeys)

Two little Valentines
Lovely as can be
We had such fun together
Throughout this "lovey" week!

We made some yummy treats
To share with all our friends
But ate them up ourselves
Before the "love week's" end. (oops!)

We learned about TRUE love
And how we need to show it
Prayed that God will help us
'Cause sometimes we all blow it ;).

Had such a ball this year
At Rachel & Avery's party
Those gals and their mommies
Made our day so "hearty"!

Ate lots of "hearty" food
Like muffins, cake and mints
Wore lots of pink and red
And got a crazy amount of presents

Goodies from Karo & Kbob
DeeDah made precious dresses
Jammies from Ross & Amanda
Gigi and Gebo sent a video message!

Enjoyed being together
Loved on each other a LOT
Giggles, smiles and hugs galore
Thankful for the love we've got!!