Saturday, January 30, 2010

A very special visitor!!

Look who came for a little visit...

our sweet lab, Tatum!!!

It was so hard when we had to find a new home for her about a year and a half ago. But she has had a great place to live, a wonderful owner, and even 2 dog sisters. We were really thankful for her new home. But due to some family events, her new owner now has to find another family for her. Of course our immediate thought was just to have her back, but all the thoughts of why we had to find her a better home in the first place came flooding back (we didn't allow her to be a "house dog" b/c of all the shedding, too little of a yard, too expensive to board when we're gone, etc.). Long story short, she is now going to be part of a Lab rescue program and we are just praying she'll find the perfect home soon. But not before we got a little visit with her first!! I can't tell you how much fun the girls had with her, but maybe the pictures will tell the story ;).