Monday, December 07, 2009

Jesse Tree - Day 8

Person/Event: JACOB: The Promise
Scripture: Genesis 28: 10-22
Symbol: Ladder

Tonight we learned about Jacob and that even though he had done some unkind things in his life, God still loved him and was always with him. Jacob thought that he could run away from his family and may have even thought he could run away from God. But we know that God is always with us! God gave Jacob a wonderful dream to remind him that He is always there. Em said that she knew God is with her even when she is playing with her toys and with Kennedy.

One other precious gift from God today...this morning, Emerson asked me if she could ask God to live in her heart. We know that she is young, but we have no doubt that He has already started working in her little heart. I'm in awe as I get to watch her learn more about Him everyday.