Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Granbury Thanksgiving

This year we headed to Granbury to give thanks with mommy's family. Of course we had a wonderful time. We truly are so grateful to have such incredible families and love spending time with them. Gigi and Gebo are amazing hosts and bend over backwards to make sure everyone has fun, we're all WELL fed and that everyone has time to relax (except for themselves...ha!)!!  And this year, Uncle Ross' girlfriend, Amanda, was able to join us. It was definitely a treat...especially for our girls who LOVE her!  We have so much to be thankful for this year and we praise God for all He has done for us!!

Em was thankful for all the extra book readers (and I'm pretty sure they are all dreaming of the Berenstain Bears right now ;), Gigi's cooking, the Granbury "Baby Jesus" parade and lot of Ross and Amanda time!









HK was thankful for mommy's old rocking chairs, lots of new things to discover, Gigi's yummy pumpkin roll, Gebo's hugs and lots of attention!




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Mommy and daddy were thankful for getting to sleep in, playing golf, eating fabulous food, seeing a movie and spending time with our family.


One of the entire family’s favorite parts of the trip was Granbury’s annual Christmas parade!!  The whole town square comes alive on Thanksgiving night…live Christmas music, a mini ice-skating rink, TONS of people, hot chocolate and the most precious Baby Jesus floats coming down the road.  Em was in HEAVEN getting to see all the Marys, Josephs, angels and Baby Jesus!  It was a wonderful way to get us in the TRUE Christmas spirit!!     














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