Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For Meme, Gigi and Grammie

We spent the morning with our "cousins", Mayce, Bryce and Blake, and we knew their grandmothers and great-grandmother would want to see the pics ;). If only Drew and Dillon could have joined, it would have been all out chaos! ha!

The big kids had all kinds of fun dressing up, running around screaming, painting nails and putting on puppet shows. I had a very sad little 3-year-old in the car on the way home..."I really wanted to stay there and play some more. I'm not tired for a nap, mommy." :(.

And the littles played SO well together. Just "talked", laughed, played with toys and watched their brother and sisters! We laughed about how much they sound alike and make the same noises!

Thanks guys! We had so much fun and we LOVE your new house!!