Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bears VS. Raiders

Well there happened to be a big game in our family last Saturday...the BAYLOR BEARS vs. the Texas Tech Red Raiders. And since we were all on one side or the other (okay, except Ross and Amanda) AND the game was at the new Cowboys stadium, we decided that we MUST be there! So we got threw on our Green and Gold (or Black and Red) and hit the game. Gigi and Gebo both attended the "other team's" school and kept trying to get our girlies to "get their guns up"...can you believe that!?! Luckily, we knew this might happen and practiced our "Sic 'Em Bears" a LOT before the game. Emerson said it best, "Daddy, do you want to be on my team? My team has the BEARS!". That's right, little girl. Now, just get busy working on that scholorship ;).

The Pre-game was held at Grammy's new assisted-living home. It is AMAZING! We toured her new apartment, ate lunch in the beautiful dining room and had fun visiting our sweet Grammy.

Game time!! The first half was AWESOME!! But let's just pretend it ended there. Ha! We all got to sit in our awesome seats (there's not really a bad on there) for all of the pre-game activities and mommy LOVED watching it all through Em's eyes. She was loving it. She loved the big screen, the band, the cheerleaders and especially the Bear!! But just after kick-off, Hayden decided that she and mommy needed to spend the rest of the game walking around the stadium. Fun times ;). Daddy and Emerson watched the game from our seats with Ross, Amanda, Aunt Traci and Maryetta. Mommy, Hayden and Gigi walked around most of the time, but we watched some in the "Party Pass" zone with Gebo and Uncle Jim too.

Gigi and Gebo - AKA "The Opposition"

Even though we (barely) lost, it was a great way to Sic 'Em Bears!!