Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday we headed over to the Heard Museum for a little dinosaur hunt. It was such a beautiful day and we had so much fun getting up close and personal with those big 'old dinos!! The littles (Hayden and Briggs) were actually much more brave than the bigs (Emerson and Kennedy) were at first, but soon they were all climbing all over T-Rex...the one that didn't move or "roar", of course ;). Very fun "dino-day" indeed!!

We're going on a Dino-hunt...Gonna catch a BIG one!

Consulting her map ;)

Here's the first one we ran's amazing how huge and realistic they were!!

They were NOT going to turn their backs on those big guys to give mommy a smile ;).

Sweet Hayden wasn't a bit scared...just happy to have a snack! But she was VERY curious about the big, loud "ROARs" we kept hearing.

Our best attempt at a group pic. Ha!

A few more awesome dinosaurs!!

Here we finally found a T-Rex that didn't move or "roar" and was just good for climbing.

Oh and how cute is this...ever since Courtney found out she was pregnant with Briggs, Kennedy has called him "T-Rex". She still does to this day, so we had to get a pic of "little T-Rex" with a big T-Rex ;).