Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first birthday!

November 4th, 2009...my first birthday!! Mommy has said it so much this week that I can't believe it either!! Being 1 is SO big!! And it was a wonderful 1st birthday too. Luckily, I didn't wake up when mommy and daddy snuck in at midnight to tell me Happy Birthday because I probably would have been mad that they woke me up. Nice little gesture though ;).

So when I DID wake up, you'll never guess what I saw all over the room..."ba!" Balloons, that is. All over my room!!! It was definitely the best way to wake up for sure. Mommy and daddy came in, sang me Happy Birthday and we played with the "ba's" a bit. Of course, I didn't want my Emmy to be left out, so we all went to get her up and let her join in the celebration. I think she may have done this before because she totally knew what to do with the balloons. We had a ball!

Then they let me open presents too! Emmy got me a new hammer toy and mommy and daddy got me my very own Bible! They say that they are going to give it to me each year with a verse on it that they have been praying over me that year. Then when I'm 18, I get to keep it for good. I'm very excited about that ;). This year, they wrote Samuel 1:27-28.

Next we were on to a very yummy birthday breakfast...a big 'ole #1 chocolate chip pancake. I wolfed that baby down ;). But I did NOT like the party hat mommy put on my head!

We had a fun morning just playing around the house and I took a quick nap so we could go to the park for a picnic with my friends. We all had a wonderful time and it was THE MOST beautiful day!! Didn't get too many pics of that, but my friends were so sweet to come spend time with me...thanks guys!! And after my nap, mommy gave me my big birth-minute kiss!!! 4:19 p.m. exactly. It was sweet, though daddy was really sad he missed it!
Daddy came home early so we could all go to dinner and we got to have my favorite...beans and rice! Well, Mexican really, but I just like the beans and rice. But wait, it gets better. After dinner, they sat the most delicious looking cupcake right down in front of me. And it WAS delicious!! As you can see, I rather enjoyed it ;).

We ended the night with my first "birthday kiss" picture. Ummmm...you can tell how well it turned out. I promise mommy and daddy weren't actually attacking me ;). I was just VERY uninterested in playing along. Maybe I'll throw them a bone next year when I'm 2 and let them kiss me! Ha!

Happy 1st Birthday to me!!!