Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mommy is 30!!!

That's right, the big 3-0!! And I'm sure you've noticed how much birthday celebrating we've been doing around here. Em, HK and I all have birthdays within 10 days, so we are all birthday-ed out for sure! I've never been too big of a birthday person (for myself anyway), but my hubby (and some sweet friends) have made sure we've celebrated 30 big ;).

We had sweet time with our families last weekend, a fun little parents-night-out with some close friends on Monday and a SURPRISE birthday dinner last night with a bunch of our Baylor buddies. Thanks to Sharee for helping Scott with this one!! They really got me and it was SO sweet to see all those precious faces! We decided that none of us look even close to 30 ;). Ha! Oh, and this was the first year I've been on Facebook on my birthday and it's crazy how many birthday wishes you get that way. So thanks to everyone for helping into the 30s...I think it will be just wonderful!

Here are some pics from last night. (Thanks Sharee). Didn't get any of the rest of our celebrations :(.