Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patchin' 2009

This was our first year to take our little ones to the Pumpkin Patch!! Emerson and Kennedy are old hats by now, but Hayden and Briggs loved their first visit too! Although I will say that it is WAY harder to get FOUR kiddos looking and smiling at the camera than just two. Crazy hard. But we all had fun, so that's all that matters ;).

First we hit the animal pen. The big girls were so brave to feed the goats this year...they would have stayed there all day if we'd had enough goat food!

Next up, we ALL had fun in the little barrel wagon. The mommies were too cheap to actually pay for the ride, but our kiddos had so much fun just honking the horns that they didn't seem to notice at all. Ha!

While Hayden and Briggs took a little snack break, Em and Kennedy had a ball playing with this HUGE horse!! Em was a little scared at first, but they eventually decided that he needed some leaves to eat and were happy to bring him all they could find. Oh, and she ran over at one point and said, "Mommy, he's 40-90 old!!!". Wow. Old horse ;).

Since we went on a overcast day, it's was not busy at all and the six of us got our very own personal hayride!! Super fun.

Last but not least...the actual pumpkin patch!! As you can see, we tried to get some posing done, but it was pretty useless. They had much more fun running around the hay maze and crawling all over the pumpkins. And we all got our own little pumpkins to remember our day!

And the annual "kiss pic"...