Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flower Girl Rehearsal

Auntie Lair and Justin are MARRIED!!! And I had an absolute ball being Flower Girl!!!

Mommy had to head to Little Rock on Thursday evening, so daddy, Hayden and I dropped her off at the airport, then we met Gigi and Gebo for dinner so they could take Hayden for the weekend (more on that later). And bright and early on Friday morning, daddy and I set off on the road. He was so sweet to bring tons of fun things to do, we listened to Hermie a LOT and had a great little father-daughter road trip ;). After we arrived at the hotel and *tried* to take a nap, mommy and Auntie Lair came to get me so all "the girls" could get ready for the rehearsal together. Auntie Lair gave me the sweetest Flower Girl gifts...a BEAUTIFUL strand of pearls and a fun Emmy-sized apron all the way from Rwanda (where Justin lived during much of their relationship). They even embroidered it with my name. So precious.

I got to get dressed and ready with a bunch of the girls...mommy, Auntie Lair, Megan, Mandy and Michelle. I was a little overwhelmed by all the commotion and mommy was getting a little nervous that I would be too shy to actually make it down the aisle. She SO shouldn't have worried! Once we got to the church, I realized just how much fun it was to have so much attention ;). Auntie Lair's sisters all had a fit over me, and I really warmed up to her friends too. And my little partner (Ring Bearer), Aiden, was so sweet to help me. I made it down the aisle perfectly both practice runs...carrying my Nemo in lieu of flowers ;). Mommy, daddy and Auntie Lair were SOOO proud of me! And I loved every minute of it.

Auntie Lair has four sisters...all of them loved me ;).

THREE Emmy's!!! That's right...I wasn't the only Emmy at the wedding. One of Lair's sisters is named Emmy, as well as her Gremmy (Grandmother Emmy). Aren't we a cute trio!?!

Didn't daddy do such a good job taking pictures?!? Mommy and I were so thankful for him all weekend...he was SUCH a trooper and just did anything his girlies needed him to do. What a wonderful guy!!

***Stay tuned for Wedding Day pics!!! (We're waiting for Auntie Lair and Justin to get back from their "surprise destination" honeymoon so they can post pictures first if they want to). But here is a sneak peak of your favorite Flower Girl...