Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Fair!

We've been so busy lately that we just about missed the Great State of Texas Fair! That would have been a shame. Luckily, our daddy took one day off this week and we all headed out there together.

After daddy made sure we got our safety ID bracelets on, our first stop was the petting zoo. We didn't get any pictures of the animals, but Emerson was very excited to see Babe the Pig ;). And Hayden was just excited about it all...she was wide-eyed!! Then off to "Farm Time". Our little farmer, Emmy, did quite a good job. I think Granddaddy Street would be very proud!

Off she goes...

Watering the peach tree

Feeding her chickens and gathering the eggs

Planting her seed

Picking her vegetable...she chose a tomato

Our farmer and her sweet cargo

For all her hard work, our farmer earned $1 to use at the general store. She bought fruit snacks...we weren't surprised :)

Isn't that the cutest pig and cow you've ever seen???

After a little lunch of "fair food", we let daddy drag us to the car show ;). Actually, it wasn't that bad. We know our trusty 'ole Tahoe isn't going to last too much longer so we had fun looking for what we might get next. And the best part was our little ladies were really in the mood for posing so I got some of my new favorite pics!!