Monday, August 03, 2009

Watch out Container Store...

...Master Oraganizer Emerson is out to get you!!

We've always loved Emerson's need for order! It's a precious little part of her personality that is so fun to watch. I'm sure you remember her "guys" always looked pretty uniform, but it really doesn't stop there. We're talking EVERYTHING in her life has to be just so. Which usually means all things in a straight line, usually biggest to smallest, and always facing the same direction. And don't try to change it up or she'll tell you about it ;).

The "guys"

Playdoh...pretty impressed with the color coordination, aren't you!?!

Even the cows in time-out were all lined up ;)

Well, my favorite example came a few weeks ago at gymnastics. After class her teacher came up to me and asked if she was really organized at home? Um, yes. Apparently, everytime they change stations and carry their prop of the week (balls, ribbons, rubber chickens, frogs, etc.) the group cannot continue until Emmy RE-organizes everyone's item into a perfect line. Then she says they can start. Crazy kid!!

So watch out Container Store...