Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty Training - Check!!

Emerson is POTTY TRAINED!!! So proud of you, babe. Way to go!!

I was beginning to think that my kid would in fact be the one that DID go to kindergarten in a diaper!! We first tried the whole potty training thing before Hayden was born and for about two weeks, I actually thought it was going to work. Dummy. We're just gonna call that the "honeymoon phase". Basically, after that two weeks of greatness, she had almost two weeks away from home and it just threw her off. By the time she made it back, she was ADAMANTLY refusing to go. It got so bad that she would just hold it and go only once or twice a day (usually in her panties). Not good. And of course she ended up with a bladder infection and had to be catheterized twice. It was just a horrible experience. And at that point, our pediatrician told us to just quit and try again later. I felt so bad for her that I was happy to do just that.

Fast forward to February/March. I was finally getting used to having two kiddos and just knew she would be ready to kick the diapers to the curb. And she did okay. She'd fill up a potty chart in a few days, but then take two weeks to fill up another one. She was completely inconsistent, but then...I'm pretty that's because momma was too. It was hard to be so diligent when Hayden needed me or we were always away from the house at activities and stuff.

Anyway, during the last week of June, I had had enough...enough buying diapers, enough changing diapers and enough of her hiding to "take care of business". So when she woke up Monday morning, we threw all her diapers in the trash (well, she thinks we did) and never looked back. With only two accidents over the first two weeks, and no accidents while we were out and about, we were feeling pretty confident that this time it was really going to happen. Something about her was just different...she was ready. I wish I had known earlier that when she was ready, it really wouldn't be a battle. In fact, it really wouldn't be a big deal at all. Next time, I certainly won't rush it...just let 'em be :o)

***UPDATE (8/09) I think she's had less than 10 accidents since we started and she even sleeps at nap and bedtime with panties! What a glorious world it is to have such a grown up girlie in the house. SO proud!!