Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daddy's Halfy Birthday!!

This is a big birthday year for our daddy...he's turning the big 3-0 in December!! But since it's so close to Christmas (Dec. 22nd) he never really gets to party with his friends. So we decided to throw him a SURPRISE 29 1/2 birthday party...because we're all about the "halfy birthday" around here :o).

We were SUPER sneaky and he didn't have a clue what was in the works. He did begin to get a tiny bit suspicious on Friday and Saturday (he told mommy she was acting weird and questioned why Em kept telling him about some crazy party for him?) but we just played it off and he suspected a Father's Day surprise. So funny!

And it was a HUGE success. Thankfully, we had TONS of help from family and friends to pull it all off and he was super surprised and thankful for everything. It was just plain fun!!

Happy 29 1/2 Daddy!!! We love you!

Everyone agreed this was the best part...when he walked into the room and everyone yelled "surprise!" he said, "well thanks, but...what are we celebrating?" SO cute!

We set up four tables that included things from the four stages in his life...Kiddy Scott, Teen Scott, College Scott and Grown-Up Scott. It was so fun to work with his parents on gathering up items and pictures from his early years and digging through stuff from our college/newlywed years! And thanks to Courtney for helping me get it all party ready!

Kiddy Scott
Lots of cute pictures, an Astros-Buddies backpack, his favorite childhood doll "D", the birthday hat from his first birthday party and some yummy "kid-food"...nuggets and snack mix.

Teen Scott
More cute pictures (nice hair!), golf clubs, Sr. yearbook, graduation cap and some "teen food"...pizza and chips.

College Scott
Fun memory pictures, BU, fraternity jersey and paddle, signed baseballs from lots of crazy boy roadtrips and "college food"...wings and chips.

Grown-Up Scott
I'm totally biased, but this is my favorite stage! Pictures from our newlywed days, pictures of our family, Scott's scrub shirts with footprints from each girl's birth, a Dwight bobblehead, an Auburn hat (where we earned his Masters Degree) and his favorite lemon cake cupcakes and Courtney's DELICIOUS brownies :o).

And the favors were one of his childhood favorites...Big League Chew!

Party people...I really tried but didn't get them all :(. Thanks for coming everyone!!!

Thanks to Justin and Sharee for making the party happen! They helped a TON by getting us access to their church's student ministry "sweet". It was the perfect place for the party!

Of course our parents and siblings were life savers too! They did too much to list but it definitely wouldn't have happened without all of them.

I don't think Hayden got near enough attention...do you!?!

And this is what our oldest daughter did ALL. NIGHT. LONG. She constantly had orange fingers and a cheeto in her mouth :o).

***Mommy is SO excited we did the party, but even more excited it's over...she says it's exhausting having to fib so much and keep her best bud in the dark for over a month. It's much more fun to tell him everything!!!