Saturday, May 23, 2009

My guys (cont.)

When we posted about "my guys" a few weeks ago, mommy just thought it was one of my cute little "things for the day". Well, no. "My guys" are my world right now! I spend most of my day pretending with them. And mommy tells me that I am a REALLY good momma to them :o)

So here's a look at some of the things "my guys" and I do each day (over and over and over and over :o)).

Changing diapers...this would take up the bulk of our day. On and off, try to tee tee on the potty, change them again, you get the idea. Ha!

Group potty time :o)

Eating lunch...this is the day that all the chairs were taken by "my guys" and when mommy asked if she could have one of their seats, I told her to just eat on the couch :o)

Napping on the stairs...mommy's favorite.

The Dora's sitting in time out...all my guys pretty much spent one whole day in and out of time-out , but they've cleaned up their act lately!

Playing with the floor gym

"Sitting on the line" (whatever that is)

And just in case you are wondering who "my guys" are, let me introduce you...

Moosey - Abby - Tigger - Ducky - ME! - Puffy - Pooh - Ava - Dora - other Dora - Teddy - Dae

Keep posted for more adventures with me and "my guys"!!!