Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard FUN!!!

Yesterday, we spent ALL DAY in the backyard building our new swingset!!! It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had so much fun. And it was an entire family some help from some sweet friends. Daddy says there's no way we would have finished without their help!

Daddy, mommy and Emmy started off strong and Em was such a great helper! She loved playing with the tools. And don't forget our little cheerleader Hayden :o)

After a while, Zane, Eli and their daddy came to give us some help as well. And thank goodness...we sure needed some more muscle :o) Plus, mommy got to visit with Leslie and see beautiful Bella for a while. Daddy and Mike worked SO hard and got done in time for the kids to play a bit. Daddy said it was worth all the hard work just to hear their squeals and laughter. After mommy showed Emmy how to swing on her tummy, she spent the whole evening twisting up, twisting down and falling to the ground...she thought she was hilarous!

Our little miss had to go to bed a little early, so she didn't get to try her swing until after church today...and she loved it too! Plus it's could it get better than that!?!

Here's the finished product...not bad, daddy :o) Thank you for working so hard!