Monday, February 02, 2009

Worst mommy ever.

While I usually love the fact that Emmy communicates well and can even tell me what she did at I wish I didn't even know. But she chose to tell me anyway.

See, she has this lovie. This lovie that she's had for two years now. This lovie that she sleeps with, takes in the car, and (ever since the little sister arrived) is totally attached to. And it's gross. She sucks on it and slobbers on it and no matter how often I wash it, it just stinks. So gross.

Anyway, since she won't go anywhere without it, that includes bringing it to church. And now I know that her teachers think it's gross too....

Em was standing around today with her lovie when she says this:
"Ms. ___ say, I can see it real quick? And I give it to her and she say "ooh, that smells stinky." Ha!

So I'm convicted to make her a new one. ASAP. How embarrassing!