Monday, January 26, 2009

A day in our life... I'll remember :o).

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009.

7:14 - Hayden is starting to stir...sweet baby! (went to bed around 8:00 and woke up once at 4:30...not bad, although the previous two nights she slept 8:00-7:00 and had me hopeful).

7:28 - Hubby goes up to get Hayden and brings her back to mommy...LOTS of smiles and stretching and talking this morning! Daddy has to go to work now :o(.

7:34 - Hayden's hungry...let's eat! Takes her acid reflux medicine and a bottle (still supplementing...4 0z. mommy's milk/1 oz. formula) while mommy spends some time (not enough) with God.

7:47 - Emerson's awake...see and hear her on the monitor reading books in her bed...sounds like Pooh this morning :o).

7:56 - Hayden's done...time to get Emmy! Of course, the first words out of her mouth are, "Where's my daddy?". Then she remembers he's at work. We read all her books once more and head to the potty...success!!! Two M&Ms, please :o).

8:20 - Time for breakfast...Em wants a waffle and a banana "like George". She got a Curious George book for Christmas and is obsessed now. Hayden hangs out in her Bumbo (totally supervised, people) and gets a kick out of Emmy's chatter :o).

9:00 - We all head upstairs to play. Hayden enjoys her swing and Emerson reads books (looks like we hijacked Karo's book) while mommy finally gets to pump.

9:35 - Emerson is still dry and tries the potty again...doesn't seem to need to go after all. But she does brusha brusha those teeth while we're in there. She helps mommy change Hayden's diaper and get her dressed. Hayden goes down very easily for her nap!

9:40 - Emmy's turn to get dressed...she doesn't want to (as usual) so mommy bribes her with her lovie. Works every time! Then we pull out the play doh so mommy has her captive to work on her hair. Em chooses green and blue and sits very still while mommy puts her hair in rollers. And then we just play with the play doh some more. Who doesn't love that stuff?!?

9:55 - Emerson and mommy continue working on our current Bible story...we're learning about Creation right now and have gotten some way fun ideas from another blogger and lots of great websites. Today we are starting on Day 2...God made the sky and the sea. She LOVES putting the puffy clouds in the sky, cutting and gluing. Seriously, thank be to GOD my baby girl loves arts and crafts as much as I do!!!

10:20 - Tried the potty go. Still dry though.

10:30 - Hayden's up and ready to eat so we all go downstairs to fix her bottle. Emmy gets to do her single-most-favorite activity right now...wash dishes!!! I know, I wish I had her enthusiasm about that dreaded chore. We fill the sink with bubbles and away she goes. I really think I'll be able to take advantage of this someday soon :o). She's busy the whole time I'm feeding Hayden. And speaking of, baby girl wasn't all the hungry after all.

10:55 - I finally give up on Hayden's bottle since she just keeps looking up at me and smiling instead of eating. And about two minutes later I realize why...changed that diaper QUICK! Emerson tries the potty one more time to no avail. I can't believe she's still dry. I get about 5 minutes to throw on some clothes and makeup before we need to head out the door.

11:23 - We're headed to the grocery store and all enjoy a little Hermie on the way...even Hayden is cooing right along! And wouldn't you know it, just as I'm pulling into the spot right next to the cart return, someone returns one of those bulky, annoying "Car" baskets. My 2-year-old notices and insists on riding in it. Awesome. I guess I'm fortunate that I've avoided until now, so we give it a go. That thing is a beast and I run into tons of stuff in the store. ***Note to daddy...we could totally fit another kid in there though :o)

11:53 - Pretty good...only took 20 minutes. We realize how beautiful it is outside so we go drop off the cold things at home and head back up to the park. We got to spend about 30 minutes at the park in which time Emerson got in about 6-7 slides and some swinging. I think Hayden enjoyed the outdoors too, even though it was a tad windy.

12:35 - Return from the park. Em tries the potty again (still dry, but no success) while mommy puts Hayden down for a nap...that girl was super tired!!!

12:45 - Mommy and Emmy had lunch and a very riveting conversation about snakes and puppies. Went something like this:

E: Mommy, do you like snakes?

M: Not really. Do you like snakes?

E: Not really. I like puppies though (though!?! do you even know what that means?). Do you like puppies, mommy?

M: Sure do, kiddo.

Emmy ate VERY slowly, so mommy unloaded the dishwasher and checked her email (and was VERY excited to hear from Miss Julie who is coming this weekend :o).

1:15 - One last (and very emotional) potty attempt before nap...still didn't go and was too tired to be nice to mommy :o(. Hope she wakes up dry!

1:30 - Emerson down for a nap...fingers in mouth, lovey under her nose and Ava (baby doll) tucked in beside her...just as Hayden wakes up from hers.

1:30-3:00 Mommy and Hayden time!!! This is one of my favorite times of the day. I love getting to spend "alone" time with each girl so I can really focus on them and not feel guilty about the other one. She ate and then we did a little tummy time, but mostly she just sat in my lap and we looked at each other and made noises :o). I could seriously stare at her all day.

3:00 - Hayden went down for her nap (not as easily this time) and mommy finally got a moment to breathe! Had to pump again (ugh) but also used the time to blog, check email and check facebook...boy, does this computer contribute to my procrastination sometimes!

4:00 - The other favorite part of my day...Emerson is up and we're ready to play! She actually woke up about 3:30 but has been reading books and playing with her babies in her bed. And get excited...she's still dry! We run to the potty and it's a success. Yay!

4:10 - Hello beautiful day! We take Hayden's monitor with us and head outside for some sidewalk chalk and tricycle time. Em was hoping to see her new "big girl" friends that she recently made on our block. They are the two cutest little girls that just lead her around the yard, play chalk with her and help her with the tricycle. But they weren't out today. So she was forced to draw chalk around her OWN feet :o).

4:30 - Hayden is up (and not happy). She usually sleeps until 5:00ish so I'm thinking it could be rough around dinner-time. Still mad when I went to pick her up and struggle with her bottle, so I let Em watch some good 'ole Veggietales. She loved it and I finally figured out the bottle was clogged...I'd be mad too!

5:00 - We all head to the kitchen to cook dinner. Now, when I say "cook" that actually means reheat the yummy salmon that Gigi and Gebo brought last time and cook some rice. Not REALLY cooking so much, but we kept busy in there for a while.

5:30 - Emmy decides she'd like to color and mommy loves that idea because we can all just sit! Right now, Em's drawings consist of lots of circles, lines and "w's". Oh, and could I forget the stickers??? I L-O-V-E her drawings! When I ask her what she's drawing, she tells me "Ava (her baby doll) goes tee-tee potty and daddy claps for her" :o). Hayden is talking to the bee on her bouncy seat.

5:42 - Change of plans a bit...daddy calls from the car shop to say he'll be home late and to eat without him. Looks like the Tahoe needs some work and he's going to wait them out.

6:00 - So we eat by ourselves. We'll miss daddy, but seriously...could I have cuter dinner dates!?!

6:15 - Daddy calls back to see if we'll come get him. Looks like they won't get it done for awhile. And it looks like this is not going to be cheap. :o(

6:25 - We abandon our dinner and jump in the car to get daddy. We've missed him and it will be SO sweet to see his face! Of course, Hayden falls asleep the minute we started rolling, but mommy and Emerson have ANOTHER fun talk about snakes and puppies (see above).

7:04 - Get home in time to do Hayden's bath real quick. Mommy feeds her while Emerson and daddy finish dinner.

7:30 - Hayden goes to bed...sweet dreams, baby girl! Daddy gives Emmy her bath, then mommy joins for a few books and prayers.

8:02 - The stall tactics have begun! Emmy has always gone to bed incredibly easy, but has started to stall over the last few weeks. It's kind of hilarious to see her thinking of ways to keep us in there :o). Tonight it's "I need to tee tee potty". Boy, how quickly she's learned how to manipulate. But she JUST went so we don't buy it. Sweet dreams, angel.

8:05 - Time for hubby and me! We had planned to work on taxes tonight, but all our Thursday night shows were calling our name. So...we cuddled on the couch, talked about the car repair (not exactly how I'd want to spend $1100) and went to bed early.

As simple and mundane as it seems, I absolutely love our days together and wouldn't trade it for anything!