Thursday, December 11, 2008

Second date :o)

Today I had my second date with the boy mommy is convinced I will marry. I will admit that Tristan is incredibly handsome, but aren't I just a little young for all this!?! I'm sure daddy thinks so :o). Anyway, we really did have a great time...we both got to sleep, both got to eat and of course they made us take pictures too. We weren't too excited about that part, but I guess if we DO end up getting married, it would make for some pretty cute memories. You'll notice that I'm cross-eyed in most of the pictures...mommy just says it's cause he blinded me with his good looks!

Not so sure about each other...keeping our distance.

Now we're all squished together...I think he was just trying to not get poked in the eye by my bow!

Whispering secrets to each other :o)

Okay, I think he's getting tired of me...

So I rolled up into a ball and Tristan all fell apart!

And here's a look back at our first date...he came to see me when I was only two days old and as you can tell, I didn't make the best first impression :o).