Monday, November 17, 2008

Week with Karo

Thank goodness for my Karo!!! Daddy had to go back to work last Tuesday, so my Karo came to keep me and mommy and Hayden Kate company :o). She was SO wonderful to us. We had fabulous home-cooked meals each night, she brought tons of crafts and projects for me to do, she gave mommy lots of time to spend with me while she held Hayden Kate, she got to bunk with me in my big-girl room and she just helped mommy so much. We had a ball and I'm so thankful she was was mommy! Here are some highlights from our week.

Emerson - Karo - Hayden

Karo knows about my love of stickers and she brought tons for me!

Here we are making some fruit salad for dinner.

And talking to Papa Rowe on the web cam :o).

We read lots of books (especially Baby Baluga) and cuddled too!

Karo had plenty of time to cuddle with Hayden while mommy and I spent time together! And she even let mommy and daddy go on a "date" one night while she held down the fort :o).

And this was one of my favorite things we made - Pilgrim Hats! We used chocolate cookies, yellow frosting and mini Reeses to create these tasty treats. And then we took them (the ones I didn't lick) to some of my neighbor friends...they were a hit!

P.S. Zane and Eli - sorry we missed you that day and sorry that my daddy ate yours that night :o)

What a fun week with Karo! I can't wait to see her again soon at Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you did for us!