Monday, November 03, 2008

She's coming!!!

Our little lady is coming TOMORROW!!! Can you tell how excited we are!?!

I was thrilled this morning at my dr. appointment when she mentioned that the induction she had scheduled for Tuesday had already delivered and asked if I would want that, YES! I was kind of shocked that she offered this considering she told me that she typically lets nature run its course and won't induce until 42 weeks, but this is WAY better in my opinion. So we're headed in tomorrow morning at 7:30 to get this party started!

We SO enjoyed our last weekend as a family of three and Em and I had a wondeful mommy-daughter day today, but we're definitely ready to be a family of four. Praise God!!!

We'll keep you posted and we covet your prayers for our precious baby girl AND her big sister too :o).