Saturday, November 01, 2008

A fru-fru cowgirl!!!

That's what daddy's been calling me :o).

I had so much fun this week dressing up as a "fru-fru cowgirl"! Although I didn't like wearing my cowboy hat, daddy was so proud that I toted my lasso around the whole time! On Wednesday night, we went to the Fall Festival at church and had such a good time playing games, seeing friends and getting some candy. I told mommy on the way to church, "I like my costume". Oh good.

We LOVE our church! Thanks to The Heights for doing such a good job tonight!

Playing some games.

Eating some candy.

Petting some animals.

Posing with mommy.

Friday night, we went to downtown Square in McKinney for even more candy. It was super crowded, but really fun! I got tons of candy and had a fun time. But the best part of the night came when we headed back to Kennedy's for dinner and to hand out candy to kids. Kennedy and I had the BEST time passing out candy. We would stand there yelling, "Come here, kids, we have CANDY!" It was SO cute and we were really good at stuffing their buckets full of candy. What a fun candy day!