Saturday, September 06, 2008

A little help, please!!!

Okay y'all, my baby sister has GOT to have a name and mommy and daddy are just not getting it done. They simply can't agree and it's driving me nuts. So...I'm taking things into my own hands. Could you all please let me know what YOU think we ought to name baby sister? I'll compile your suggestions and have a sit-down with the folks. From what I can tell, they just have a few "rules":
1. It has to "go" with Emerson. You know, my name isn't real traditional so I guess they want something unique.
2. Can't end in R because our last name starts with R.
3. Mommy likes longer names (not one-syllable) but daddy doesn't think it matters.
4. They like a name like mine that has different options (so that if I don't like Emerson, I can go by Emmy) but that's not a necessity.
Okay, I think that's it. Thanks SO much for your help! I just can't wait to start calling her something other than "baby sister" :o).
Love, Emerson