Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to Celebrate!

This weekend, we got to help Uncle Ross celebrate his birthday! It was super fun to see him and spend time with the fam. We swam A LOT and Gigi was such a good sport that she swam with me the most...even when I splashed her :o).

Gebo got me a new football and Gigi got me some cool new markers that only color on special paper! Oh and Gigi let me help her water her flowers. I was SUPER helpful :o). You'll have to look close at our matching visors...SO cute!

We were just a little bit SILLY too! We sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Ross, Gebo and I posed in our party hats, then daddy had to run from Uncle Jim and Gebo when the water guns came out. Talk about a WILD party!!!

And here I am with the guest of honor :o).