Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fwimmin' Sessons

I've been busy taking "fwimmin' sessons" and I LOVE IT!!! Kennedy and I signed up for the same class and had the best time. We really did learn a lot too! Mommy and daddy were SO impressed with my skills by the end of the four weeks...I could blow bubbles in the water, hold my breath to go under, kick like nobody's business, "scoop, scoop" the water with my hands and jump to daddy! I really did have a blast! The only part I didn't like was floating on my back, but hey, that's scary. Mommy got a kick out of watching daddy and I share this fun experience every week and gladly just sat and observed. See, daddy asked her if this could be a "daddy-daughter" thing since we don't always get to hang out as much as me and mommy do. Of course, she said yes and I loved every minute of it! "Fwimmin'"...here I come!

Here are some pics from my first and last lessons...mommy decided to video tape the other two.