Monday, June 16, 2008

Reunioned Out!

This gal is Reunioned Out!!! We had such a busy weekend that took us all over the state and I'm glad we're back home!

On Friday morning, we headed up to Dumas for mommy's 10-year high school reunion (she's old, huh?). Daddy and I weren't really as excited as she was, but we were both HUGE troopers! Since Gigi and Gebo moved away from Dumas, we got to stay with mommy's "other set of parents" from there...Patsy and Danny! They were so sweet to let us crash there and took great care of us. After we got there and had some good naps, we met up with mommy's friend Nicole and her family for dinner at a local Mexican food place. Super yummy! AND I had SO much fun watching Nicole's kids, twins, Kendall and Keaton and little Kambree. They are super cute! Mommy loved catching up with her friend, but said it wasn't near enough time :o). Next we headed up to the park for the reunion. See, Dumas always has a carnival called "Dogie Days" around this time of year right by the park. It was a great place for mommy to get to catch up with her friends and for daddy and I to play while she was chatting. Of course, she tried to show us off a lot too :o)! Mommy LOVED seeing all her old friends and hated to leave, but by 9:30 I was about done.

On Saturday morning, Patsy and Danny fixed a yummy breakfast and we got to meet their grandkids too! They were super cute. We all headed up to the Dogie Days parade and got to sit right in front of Gebo's old work...the courthouse. Mommy has lots of fun memories of that place :o). We all enjoyed the parade and I LOVED seeing the horses, tractors and people go by!

Mommy, me and daddy at the parade!

Sweet Patsy watching the parade with me.

This one is for are mommy and I in front of your old stompin' grounds :o).

We had a great time in Dumas, but had to head on to our next Reunion of the weekend...the Carlisle family Reunion in Abilene. So we hopped in the car and drove that way. We got there just in time for dinner and met a TON of new people. Mommy hadn't even met most of the family, so we were all letting Gebo and Gigi show us off :o). Mommy was excited to be in Abilene because she said she knows a lot of people from there, but we really didn't get time to do anything Abilene-y...maybe next time.

Chillin' with Gigi

Gebo loved showing me off!

Mommy and Uncle Ross...sweet brother and sister :o)

On Sunday, we "reunioned" some more with a sweet devotional and communion time, lots of good food, swimming and even an auction. Fun times! Best of all, we got to spend time together as a family on Father's Day.

Our Carlisle "branch" of the tree minus mommy, daddy and Uncle Ross (they had snuck out to eat a little Rosa's...stinkers!)

Grandmother Carlisle, me and Granddaddy Carlisle's brother, Tom.

God blessed us this weekend with safe travel, sweet time for visiting new and old friends and just spending time together! We are so thankful for the people that He has put in our lives!!!