Sunday, May 04, 2008

Baby Dylan comes to play!

A few weeks ago, mommy and I had the privilege of keeping one of my friends during the day. Dylan is only one of TWO, his twin is Kiera, but we just kept Dylan for the day. Mommy was really excited to see how I would react to having another little one around :o). Even though Dylan isn't really a newborn, it was still so much fun to have a "baby" around. We got to get out some of my old baby toys to share with him and I had a great time entertaining him :o). I tried to share all my toys, show him how to do things and I kissed him a LOT too! Dylan was such a DOLL and we can't wait to see him again soon!

Tickle, tickle Dylan :o)

You wanna play with this?

Here's how it works... it's your turn!